Skincare Concerns

Target your skincare concerns with curated products hand picked by skincare professionals for your skin. Browse Amelie's top rated skincare products for your skin type or skin concern that are designed to support the health of your skin.



+ Dry skin does not produce enough oil, has small sized pores, can feel tight and thin, and can have a rough texture with visible fine lines.

+ Normal skin has a good balance of water and oil, has regular sized pores, little to no blemishes, and a smooth texture.

+ Oily skin produces too much oil, has large sized pores, can be acne prone, and can have a thick and shiny texture.

+ Combination skin can be oily/dry or oily/normal in different areas, typically the t-zone is oily while the rest of the face is dry or normal, pore sizes can vary by area of the face, and the skin is mostly smooth but can have rough patches.