Amelie Recommended Regimens

Amelie's Recommended Regimens are medical grade skincare systems curated by our Skincare Specialists and Certified Advanced Estheticians. Choose from skincare regimens for your specific skin type, skin concern, or treatment.


The Dry Skin Regimen is perfect if you have dry, thin skin and are looking to combat dry skin with gentle products that feel luxurious and hydrating.


The Acne-Prone Regimen is perfect for oily skin that is prone to acne breakouts and needs powerful products to combat inflammation and balance oil production while targeting acne-causing bacteria.


The Brightening + Dark Spot Regimen is perfect if you have sun damage or melasma and need products to calm the skin and minimize the over-production of melanin. This regimen is a MUST for anyone investing in BBL treatments.


The Sensitized Skin Regimen is perfect if you have truly sensitized skin (reactive, rosacea, psoriasis, and compromised skin). This system brings together our favorite skin-soothing products designed to be used daily to calm skin and build a healthy skin barrier utilizing gentle but potent botanical ingredients.


The Amelie Cadillac Anti-Aging Regimen is for anyone who is concerned with how their skin is aging. It contains our creme de la creme, cult favorite, tried and true anti-aging products that stimulate collagen and elastin growth to smooth fine lines, plump wrinkles, and tighten skin.


If you are getting a Halo Treatment done The Pre-Treatment + Post-Care Regimen is the one for you. It contains everything you will need before your treatment and as you recover to support your skin health and accelerate  your healing time.